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Jersey Girl Gardens-Who We Are:

At Jersey Girl Gardens, we bring farm-made, hand-crafted home and self-care products to you and your family. We use a wide variety of herbs, flowers and plants with therapeutic properties found in our garden and greenhouse to make holistic products.

Jersey Girl Gardens is rooted in a philosophy that health and well being comes from nature. Our locally grown products and their ingredients are untreated, never processed, modified or preserved.  The focus is on ensuring our products are all natural, holistic and hypoallergenic. As a result, the products are free of most all major allergens, and whenever possible vegan (with the exception of our products which include beeswax). What can't  be made or grown by us  is sourced locally to the greatest extent possible with minimal packaging as we strive for sustainability.

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  • 86 Linvale Rd, Ringoes, NJ 08551, USA
  • East Amwell Township